Thursday, January 6, 2011

Who inspires you?

Well.... to start off with,
this is my first blog for 2011 and the best way (personally) to kick start this year is to blog about people who inspire you, who when you think about them bring whatever difficulties you may have in your life into perspective and perhaps even extend some kind of motivation, strength and  encouragement to whatever predicament you could be in or challenges you might need to overcome.

These people are just as human as you and me are.  

But the difference lies in the way they overcome their own set of issues, challenges.

Guess who this lady is ......

That right, it's Oprah Winfrey
(no prizes for the right answer)
Oprah Winfrey did not exactly have a happy childhood.
Her parents weren't married when she was born.
She was often mocked in school.
She didn't have much money for a large part of her growing up years.
She was sexually abused during her formative, growing up years.

That's quite alot for someone so young then to handle all these coming to her. 

Gosh .... I feel so overwhelmed just penning these down.  

I'm so filled with admiration thinking about her remarkable achievements now; her rise to become one of world's most influential lady; and how she overcame the multiple odds stacked against her very early on in her life.

What a Woman.

"Turn your wounds into wisdom."  
- Oprah Winfrey

Like it or not all of us have the ability to impact each other - knowingly or unknowingly, for better or for worst.  
What would your choice be?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do you look forward to a new year?

I know I do ...

It's that beginning of a new year, a new beginning of dreams, hopes, wishes and wants.  And I look forward to a better 2011 and for everyone else too.
A warm adieu to the old year.  Here comes 2011!!

Here's wishing everyone a very blessed, healthy, happy, flourishing 2011 & many more years to come too

UPDATE:  Appreciate if you could leave your comments in English.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas is here ....

I do wonder what X'mas is all about with it being so commercialized these days .....

Having said that, I still made a trip down to Orchard Road to catch a glimpse of & take in all the mesmerizing lightings (pictures below didn't do justice to the magical, warm ambience felt).  


X'mas is definately not all about the wonderful, creative x'mas trees we see in the shopping malls.  But I do appreciate them anyway.

Modern X'ams tree at a Jewellery exhibition in Orchard Road

 Sultry X'mas tree outside Wisma Atria, Orchard Road

Traditional X'mas tree at Raffles Hotel, City Hall

4-storey high X'mas tree at Takashimaya, Orchard Road

Errhmmm .... Snoopy trying to decorate his kennel

Not too sure how did this santa claus persona come about this blessed time though.... ??

 and his ..uhhh..... reindeers 

And is it about gathering around an awesomely decorated Pine or Fir tree .... 

& exchanging presents ? (the thought behind it is rather sweet though) 

Snowman ....  hmmm ......

When I was a kid, I grew up with images that X'mas is about stuff like Santa Claus & his reindeers, X'mas trees, presents, Snowman (it's but only rain & sunshine in equitorial Singapore).  Didn't really think much about it's origin.

I got to learn that 'Santa Claus' is actually daddy-in-disguise & there are no reindeers to bring him around the globe to 'distribute presents', although that was a wonderful tale to keep kids occupied.  Snowman - the result of too much time with abundant snow found only in temperate countries to keep them warm & active ---> my pet theory.  Fictional characters of Santa Claus & the likes.   * Bubble burst*

Oh!! You are NOT REAL! You deceived me!!!! 

I do know that Carols are needed to herald the Christmas season

The First Noel

The First Noel, the Angels did say
Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay
In fields where they lay keeping their sheep
On a cold winter's night that was so deep.
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
Born is the King of Israel!

They looked up and saw a star
Shining in the East beyond them far
And to the earth it gave great light
And so it continued both day and night.
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
Born is the King of Israel!

And by the light of that same star
Three Wise men came from country far
To seek for a King was their intent
And to follow the star wherever it went.
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
Born is the King of Israel!

This star drew nigh to the northwest
O'er Bethlehem it took its rest
And there it did both Pause and stay
Right o'er the place where Jesus lay.
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
Born is the King of Israel!

Then entered in those Wise men three
Full reverently upon their knee
And offered there in His presence
Their gold and myrrh and frankincense.
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
Born is the King of Israel! 

Then let us all with one accord
Sing praises to our heavenly Lord
That hath made Heaven and earth of nought
And with his blood mankind has bought.
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
Born is the King of Israel! 

There is no Christmas without ......... Christ. yup.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Of Northern & Southern Lights & the Auroras

Living here in Singapore, one seldom get to witness such amazing spectacular phenomena (also known as aurora) captured here wonderfully in video by some generous youtubers.

We are so blessed with the beauties nature has bestowed upon us. But the sad fact is that lots of us failed to take the time in our busyness to bring the bacon home to appreciate what nature has given us. I'd like to take some time to dedicate some bit of my blog on nature appreciation since I for one love to admire the wonders found in nature.

The Northern Lights are one of nature's most spectacular visual phenomena, and in this time lapse video they provide a breathtaking display of light, shape, and color over the course of a single night in Norway.

Virginia Autumn Sunset sea

northern lights eyes

When to see the northern lights

The lights are at their most frequent in late autumn and winter/early spring.
In the time span between autumn equinox and spring equinox (21 September - 21 March), it is dark the whole time between 6 pm and 1 am, and you have maximum chances of spotting the lights. However, the weather is also of importance, and September, October and November tend to be wet and snowless in the north.
From December the weather dries up, and there is normally plenty of snow. If you come in December or January, you experience the polar nights with atmospheric evenings and very short days.
In February and March the days are longer and you see more of the snow-clad landscapes during daytime, and the evenings still offer maximum northern lights chances.
Note: The above excerpt is taken from the website below. I'm not paid a cent for the referral since am a nature-lover.
Northern lights over Tromsø in Northern Norway

Northern lights over Tromsø in Northern Norway
photo of Northern Lights

Northern Lights dancing above an igloo on a cold winter day in northern Alaska

photo of Northern Lights Pictures

Northern Lights curls into the sky over the Arctic region.

Picture of Mystery Lights

Yukon Canada

photo of Aurora Borealis Photography

Aurora Borealis on an Alaskan night.

Below are some additional interesting facts on Auroras taken from

What is the Aurora Australis?
Aurora is the collective name given to the photons (light) emitted by atoms, molecules and ions that have been excited by energetic charged particles (principally electrons) travelling along magnetic field lines into the Earth's upper atmosphere. Aurora results from the interaction of the solar wind with the Earth's magnetic field.
The amazing color displays and formations are produced by the solar wind -- a stream of electrons and protons coming from the sun -- as it collides with gases in the upper atmosphere. These collisions produce electrical discharges which energize atoms of oxygen and nitrogen causing the release of various colors of light. Earth's magnetic field channels these discharges toward the poles. Variations in sunspot activity or the occurrence of so-called 'coronal holes' can often considerably enhance the auroral discharge adding to the intensity and duration of the displays.

Where do Auroras Occur?
The global distribution of auroral activity is an oval around the magnetic poles in both hemispheres. As the level of magnetic disturbance of the Earth's magnetic field increases, the oval of auroral activity expands equatorward. Known as 'Aurora borealis' in the north, auroras occur in the upper atmosphere of both poles and are occasionally visible from middle latitudes as a dark red glow near the poleward horizon.

When is the Best Time to Observe the Aurora?
The chance of observing auroras is strongly correlated with the sunspot cycle. Auroral activity over Antarctica peaks near the peak of the sunspot cycle and for the following couple of years. Auroral displays are more common near the equinoxes, but this does not preclude the occurrence of aurora at other times. One can only observe auroral displays at the South Pole during the six months from March to Septemer; the rest of year the Pole experiences 24 hours of sunlight.

What are the Main Forms or Shapes of the Aurora?
Although auroras appear in many forms -- pillars, streaks, wisps and haloes of vibrating color -- they're most memorable when they take the form of pale curtains which seem to float on a breeze of light. Most commonly, auroral glows form a band aligned in a magnetic east-west direction. If sufficient numbers of energetic electrons are impacting the upper atmosphere, bands may have shimmering rays extending upwards from them. These rays define magnetic field lines along which the auroral electrons travel into the atmosphere. The twisting of auroral rays and bands results from the dynamic interaction of electric currents and magnetic fields in the upper atmosphere. In active displays, multiple bands may be visible. These may break into small arcs.

How Long Do Auroras Last?
The active phase of an auroral display will last on the order of 15 to 40 minutes and may recur in 2 to 3 hours. Auroral band features may persist all night. A red dominated auroral glow will be very diffuse. It will vary in location and intensity very slowly (time scales of half a minute or so).

What are the Colors of the Aurora?
Auroral displays appear in many colors with pale green and pink the most common. However, different shades of red, yellow, green, blue, and violet have all been observed. The brightest auroral color is generally a green light emitted by excited oxygen atoms. A red diffuse glow results from another oxygen atom transition. A purple color results from a transition in a Nitrogen molecular ion. The mixture of the major green, red and purple emissions may combine to give aurora a general 'whitish' appearance. The color variations are a product of the altitude of the storm, and the density and composition of the ions at that altitude. The folding effect results from the electric field induced on either side of the auroral curtain by the electrons.

How High is the Aurora?
Generally, if an auroral band has an easily discernible lower border, this will be at around 60 to 70 miles in altitude. Auroral rays may extend above the lower border for hundreds of miles. If the lower border has a pinkish edge to it (resulting from an emission of molecular Nitrogen), the altitude may be around 50 to 60 miles. A diffuse red aurora occurs above 150 miles.

Did You Know That .....

Aurora Australis

Aurora Facts
Where Seen
Mainly Polar latitudes
When seen
Clear cold nights
Average Duration
Several hours
Avg. Height
50 to 100 miles up
Common colors
Pale green and pink
Most common shape
Spiral curtains, arcs, or streamers

  • The Aurora Australis is caused by plasma particles from the sun (part of the solar wind) which enter the atmosphere.

  • Collisions between the electrically charged particles and Earth's magnetic field ionize oxygen and nitrogen atoms, releasing light.

  • Blue and purplish-red light comes from ionized nitrogen molecules, green from oxygen molecules.

  • During periods of high activity, a single auroral storm can produce one trillion watts of electricity with a current of one million amps.

  • photo of Northern Light Pictures

    Northern Alaska 

    What would your reaction be if you happen to witness such amazing phenomena in where you live tonight? 

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    Furry Fluffy Little Darlings .......

    As I walked pass some pet shops downtown I couldn't resist taking a snap of these lovable sleepy heads 
    squeezing themselves into containers, all snug & cozy, looking oh-so-cuddly.  So darn tempted to get one or two but figured I won't have the time to maintain them. Well, looking at the pics will be good enough for me, perhaps .... melt my heart though.  Never fails to bring a smile to my face whenever I look at them.  
    So cuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!   Kuchi kuchi kuch ...

    Monday, November 1, 2010

    REFLECTING 2010 ........

    ✿‌ ~~~It's First of November 2010, 2nd last month of the year!!!! ~~~~ ✿‌


    My! Time flies!

    About time we sit back, think about what we have or have not accomplished this year;

    What we could have done better; 

    What we can give thanks & praise for;

    Learn from the mistakes made & move on;

    Give thanks for the good memories & perhaps pray about those bad ones;


    Be thankful for what you have, most of all.


    ~~~✿‌ ✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌✿‌~~~

    Friday, October 15, 2010

    In the Land of Oz ....

    In the Land of Oz
    Anything is possible.

    You can be a doctor ...
    Advise From The Doctor clip art

    a formidable Lawyer

    or a well-know singer-songwriter
    or perhaps a notable geologist
    maybe a famous painter
    or even an influential billionaire
    File:Warren Buffett KU Visit.jpg


    You get the picture.

    You can be anything you choose to be.

    So here I am, juz won Model of the Year Award in Oz Land

    YES!! Live the Life!!!!
    .... and on the cover photo of "CHIQUE" ....

    .... and it comes in twin-edition too.

    "I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
             Wonderful are Your works,
             And my soul knows it very well."

    Psalms 139:14